The Best Time to Exercise for Weight Loss

When exercising to lose weight, most people focus on intensity and duration, not timing. In fact, there is the best time for more effective sports to achieve these goals. When is it?

When is the right time to exercise for weight loss is the focus of a study that has just been published in the medical journal “Obesity”. In a study that examined 375 adult participants who successfully maintained weight and were involved in moderate-heavy intensity physical activity, most reported consistency of exercise time, ie the morning.

The study also found that consistency in timing for exercise was associated with a higher level of physical activity, regardless of whether the exercise time was morning, afternoon or evening, or night.

Researchers hope that the study’s findings can continue into experimental studies to determine whether the consistency in the timing of exercise can help a person achieve and maintain a higher level of physical activity.

“In addition, it is also important to be able to determine whether there is a specific time that is more beneficial for individuals with low initial physical activity levels to develop exercise habits,” said Leah Schumacher, PhD, lead author of the study from Brown Alpert Medical School, United States, such as reported in ScienceDaily.

The study results are different from previous studies published in the journal “Current Biology” last year. It states that circadian rhythms affect calorie burning. In normal rhythm (awake during the day and rest at night), researchers found that the body burns 10 percent more calories in the afternoon than in the morning, afternoon, or night.

So, when is the best exercise time?
dr. Dyan Mega Inderawati said that in the medical world there is no research that can definitely determine when is the best time to exercise.

“The difference in timing is only an impact on the consequences that arise from each time choice,” said Dr. Dyan

The most popular time for someone to exercise is morning or night. If you are still confused about determining the best exercise time, the explanation below might help you decide.

Advantages and disadvantages of exercise in the morning
Morning is the right choice for you who have difficulty maintaining consistency in sports. Said Dr. Dyan, there is a study that shows that people who exercise in the morning tend to be more able to undergo these exercise patterns routinely. This routine is also useful for lowering blood pressure.

Early morning exercise can also improve the quality of sleep at night. “Morning exercise keeps blood circulation smooth throughout the day, so that at night you can immediately rest without being interrupted by other activities,” said Dr. Dyan

The drawback is, in the morning the “setting” of the body’s metabolism and muscle tends to be still slow and stiff, so the body needs longer heating stages.

Advantages and disadvantages of exercise at night
If it’s hard to get up in the morning, exercise at night. However, Dr. Dyan reminds you to always maintain sports consistency. Because the activity throughout the day or be tempted to offer meals with friends can shift, or even thwart the exercise schedule that you have made.

If you exercise at night, your body has been warming up all day, so you only have to continue it with exercise.

However, be aware that nighttime exercise can make the body’s system increase due to rising levels of the hormone adrenaline and stress hormones.

“As a result, your body needs more time to relax before you can finally get some rest. Some people report their disturbed night’s sleep, “said dr. Dyan

Determining the best time for exercise to lose weight turns out to have to pay attention to a number of things, for example activity and body condition. If the number of calories burned, morning and night exercise is not much different, depending on your habit of allocating energy in a day.

The best timing for sports between individuals for weight loss can indeed vary. If you feel you have a lot of energy at night, of course exercise at night will be more leverage, and vice versa. The important thing is discipline that is accompanied by a healthy lifestyle so that the benefits are optimal. However, if you are exercising for the purpose of competition or an athlete, it is better to discuss it with your sports doctor.