6 Best Snack After Sports

One dilemma after exercising is whether to eat or not. When you eat after exercise, you will usually feel a sense of regret because it feels futile exercise. But there are some good snacks consumed after exercise.

Although eating after you exercise seems to erase all your hard work, experts suggest that the body actually needs food after physical activity.

“Eating and drinking after exercise is very important to restore energy and repair muscles that may be damaged when you exercise, especially if you do not eat before exercising,” said Dr. Karin Wiradarma.

So, eating after exercise is actually recommended. However, what needs attention is the type of food consumed after exercise.

The best snack after exercise
Choices of food or drink after exercise need to be considered carefully. Don’t choose fatty foods like fried foods.

According to Dr. Karin if possible, you are advised to consume protein and carbohydrates immediately within 30 minutes after exercise. For example chocolate milk or sports protein milk.

“But if it’s difficult, at least you have done it within 2 hours after exercising,” said Dr. Karin.

Here are some types of good snacks consumed after exercise:

Eggs and toast
Eggs and toast are synonymous with breakfast. But this food turned out to be a healthy snack after exercise. According to Kelly Jones, a sports dietitian based in Philadelphia, eggs and toast are a good combination of carbohydrates and protein for consumption after exercise.

Chocolate smoothie with cherry blends
Chocolate smoothie with cherry blends is the right drink after strenuous exercise. According to Dr. Candice Seti, a nutritionist, a glass of cherry juice can arm your body with antioxidants that counteract muscle damage. If you regularly drink cherry juice every day, you will rarely experience muscle aches and minimal loss of strength after your resistance training routine.

Green tea
Green tea is also a good snack after exercising. “Green tea is not only your magic formula for burning fat and fighting free radical compounds, but it is also a great energy booster,” Dr. Seti.
This tea is also good for warding off free radicals and also prevents you from some dangerous diseases.

Sweet Potato
Sweet potatoes can be a healthy snack to help the body recover after heavy exercise or cardio exercise. Instead of eating simple sugars like candy, try consuming sweet potatoes, which contain carbohydrates.
“Healthy carbohydrates, like sweet potatoes, help replenish your body after exhausting exercise. If you don’t refuel, you might feel tired when the next training session arrives, “said Dr. Seti.

Greek yogurt with berries
Greek yogurt or Greek yogurt with berries may seem like a simple choice for a snack after your practice. However, the benefits of this snack are huge.
“Greek yogurt is a great source of protein. This type of yogurt will slip smoothly into your throat and help the muscle rehabilitation process. Meanwhile, berries are a type of fruit that can boost your immune system, regulate hormones, and fight cancer cells,” said Dr. Chrissy Carol, dietitian from the United States to Reader’s Digest.

Protein shake
You can eat protein shakes after exercise. Combine chocolate flavored protein powder with half a banana, one tablespoon of natural butter, and one cup of sweet almonds.

This herb contains about 30 grams of protein, which is the maximum amount your body can absorb per food. After intense exercise, this amount of protein is ideal for restoring your muscles.

Well, that’s a row of snacks that you can eat after exercise, both sports with mild to severe intensity. If the snacks you consume are classified as healthy intake, there is no need to fear that your exercise will be in vain. However, consume in portions that are not excessive.